This page contains links to commonly used online resources for Assyriology.


Ancient World Online


BDTNS (The Database of Neo-Sumerian Texts)

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative


Ebla Digital Archives

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature 

ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives)


Maison Archeologie Ethnologie

Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus

Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

Sources of Early Akkadian Literature


One thought on “Online resources

  1. Allow me to thank all cuneiformists for their great achievements in rediscovering the ancient writings and history. Many persons in Tbilisi use your publications to learn the way the ancient cultures lived. This sphere of science is most fascinating!

    Thank You ALL again!
    Respectfully, Dr. Natela POPKHADZE in Tbilisi.

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